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Road Superintendent Comments
March 11, 2015

Change is defined as "to make the form, nature, content, future course,etc. of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone."   As creatures of habit, no one relishes change. However, that is what we have been doing here.

We have rearranged the management structure.  The Asphalt Foreman and The Bridge Foreman positions have been combined into one, titled Construction Foreman.  The county has been "divided" into a Northern and Southern Territories.  Each one has three road grader districts with approximately fifty miles of gravel roads in each district.  Doing this allows us to become a proactive department instead of a reactive department.  Instead of waiting for you to call us with your problem, we are making a concerted effort to find and fix the issues before they become a problem.

The Baxter County Quarry has also seen a lot of changes.  The "old" plant was moved from the old quarry site to the new one.  It was placed in the pit and put back into operation .It is being fed with two wheel loaders.  The product pile is in close proximity to the plant, so one of the loaders will pull off to load our trucks.  By doing this, the operation of two pieces of equipment has been eliminated.

There have been a lot of changes here, and more are coming.  On the " Work in Progress" page on this website, you will find the 2013 Chip and Seal Schedule.  This is where we are starting. If enough funds are available, more roads will be added for this year.


Christopher S. Huett

Baxter County Road and Bridge Superintendent
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