Baxter County
Road & Bridge Department
2017 HWY 5 South   
Phone: 870.425.3695
Baxter County Road & Bridge Department was established in 1873. Our mission is  maintaining and building county roads and bridges.  The first priority is maintaining county roads and bridges with  the greatest traffic  on a regular basis, while less traveled county roads and bridges being maintained on a less regular basis. Furthermore, we assist the Police, Sheriff's Department  and Emergency rescue crews in the evacuations during emergencies. Our team at the Road & Bridge Department takes pride in our efforts to  serve the taxpayers of this county.

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. -  5:30 p.m.


We hope that you will find the answers to your questions or concerns. For your convenience, we have provided e-mail addresses, phone numbers and points of contact so that we can be of assistance to you.
Superintendent Larry Carter
Southern Road Foreman Levi Haught
Northern Road Foreman Aaron Watts
Maintenance Foreman Jeff Scheidegger
Crusher Foreman Toby Weidner
Construction Foreman Jason Denton
Baxter County Road & Bridge Personnel
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